Message from General Manager

Junyu Zhang

General Manager

In the practice of China-Belgium Direct Equity Investment Fund, Haitong-Fortis gradually formed its own stable and prudent investment style, rejecting opportunism, not chasing the irrational industry, advocating a pragmatic and pioneering team culture, and insisting on professional investment orientation. Through in-depth research on the industrial chain, we will look for active investment opportunities based on industry research, improve the forward-looking investment, strive to capture the turning point of investment, strengthen the layout of key industries, and explore high-quality enterprises from the top down. We will, as always, comprehensively enhance the professional investment ability, build a first-class team, and march forward along the road of strengthening and expanding the company.

Junyu Zhang, Master of Science, Fudan University. Zhang is currently the General Manager of Haitong-Fortis Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd., Chairman of Investment Committee, and Chairman of Management Committee. He has served as the Managing Director of Haitong Securities Investment Banking Department, member of Haitong Securities Investment Banking Committee, member of Haitong Securities Internal Auditing Committee, and etc.